OSHA Safety Training Kits

100% OSHA Compliant.  Customizable and Resusable…Train all your Operators!  OSHA considers safety and health training vital to every workplace.  $395

Available in CD, Download or Both Formats

All our safety training kits are available in CD format, as a download or both.  Pick the format that is right for your company.  Our CD’s are shipping out same day and arrive by USPS ground in 3-5 business days.  If you need it sooner, choose our download version.  You will be ready to train as soon as you receive your download link.

What is included with your OSHA Kit

Each Safety Training Kit differs slightly, they each contain all of the materials we use when we go on-site and offer training. These materials consist of a main PowerPoint presentation including instructor notes, student manual files, regulations, written and practical exams and answer keys, pre-shift inspection booklets, classroom forms for proper recording, safe operation posters, and wall and wallet certificate templates just to name a few.

Up to date with OSHA Standards

Yes, all of our Safety Training Kits are up-to-date with the latest OSHA standards. If standards do change in the future, as they most certainly will, it will be your responsibility to update your existing kit. Or, if the changes are substantial, we’d be happy to offer a discount for previous customers who simply want to re-purchase the kit.