lift operator certification training

Lift Operator Training Certification

Don’t Waste Time With Classroom Training…get certified in under 2 hours.  Print out your certificate instantly for all courses.  OSHA and ANSI compliant.  100% Online!   

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Aerial & Scissor Lift Training

Our online lift operator certification training course is OSHA and ANSI compliant.  Don’t waste money on classroom training!

This is a complete Aerial Lift Training and Scissor Lift Operator safety training course online. The training course meets the OSHA and ANSI requirement for powered trucks.

The course will take approximately two hours to complete and cost $79.  Print out out your instant certification.

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Lift Operator Training (Heavy Equipment) Training Online

Register online for our Lift Operator & Other Heavy Equipment Training Certification Training online.  Print out your certification instantly.  Your certificate is customized with our company name, your name and date and the course title.   Two hour course for $79.  Other lifts include boom truck, bucket truck, crane (all types) and much more.

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safety training kits

Safety Training Kits

Our OSHA Compliant Safety Training Kits makes training all of your lift operators a breeze with our re-usable, customized training CD and downloads.  Train all of your operators in 3 hours and issue instant certifications.  Available in English & Spanish (or combo).

Each CD kit differs slightly, each contain all of the materials we use when we go on-site and offer training. These materials consist of a main PowerPoint presentation including instructor notes, student manual files, regulations, written and practical exams and answer keys, pre-shift inspection booklets, classroom forms for proper recording, safe operation posters, and wall and wallet certificate templates just to name a few.

Safety Training Kits

Other Online Safety Courses

We offer hundreds of online safety courses form Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety, ISO Training, Trades & Engineering, Food & Beverage Courses HR Ethics and Compliance. (  Visit our full catalogue: Safety Training University)

This online training is not sufficient in and of itself to complete training. The OSHA in regulations require substantial additional practical training and evaluation by End User with respect to each Employee. End User is solely responsible for ensuring its compliance with such regulations. Completion of this online training will not be sufficient to satisfy the OSHA regulations and End User will not be in compliance with OSHA regulations simply by having Employees use the online training provided by the Company.

Why Should Your Lift Operators Be Trained?

1.  Training can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to you and those you work with. 2.  Training can also reduce operating cost of your company by avoiding damage to property and product. 3.  The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act, OSHA, requires all operators to be trained and authorized to operate an aerial lift.

“Excellent courses and a very well designed training course.”

“This was a pretty easy process. I now am considering taking more classes online.”

It was just what we needed for a class we were teaching. It explained everything I needed in detail. It is a great training tool.

Kay C.

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